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Writing About Talking: Jumping the Shark #55

No High Scores
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One of the functions I perform amongst our merry band of sorta-renown is to “produce” the Jumping the Shark podcast, which is basically a glorified title for the guy who edits the show and makes sure the gory technical details for recording it are taken care of. There is little glamor in this, but that’s cool because I bring my own.

One of the things I want to bring to the table here at No High Scores is a regular peek behind the scenes of each show that can serve not only to note when we’ve put up our weekly exercise in genius, but occasionally dig into some aspect of what went on behind the scenes. Call it a little extra flavor for those curious as to what goes into each production.

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Giving Up On Civilization 5

No High Scores

Take a quick look at Metacritic and you’d have to assume that Civilization 5 isn’t just a pretty good game – it’s a really good game. It’s got a 90 aggregate score after all, which on the MC scale is crazy good. It’s the same score as Cataclysm. Starcraft II is the only “current” game on the list that goes any higher, with a 93. So why did both Bill and I make it our most overrated game of the year over at Gameshark?

Because, in reality, it’s just not very good. More after the jump…