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Dragon Age 2 Demo Impressions: Flemeth the Dominatrix

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I did something today that I haven’t done in quite awhile: Download and play a game demo. For me, that’s unheard of. My game budget is small enough that I pretty much know if I want to play a game or not and if I know I’m going to play it, I don’t want to spend the time or effort to muck around with a demo. That said, I wanted to write some about the upcoming Dragon Age 2 release, and with the demo freshly on the intertubes, I thought maybe I should break my rule and check it out. I really don’t know what to think about it. On one hand, there’s definitely some Dragon Age flavor to it that I liked. On the other, they’ve turned Flemeth into a dominatrix.

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Remembering Quest for Glory

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The gang here has been so good about posting about new stuff on the blog this week that I’ve decided I need to do something to screw it up for everyone by linking up something about a 22 year old series. Seriously, take a moment to appreciate that graphic up there. Beautiful.


So, a blog called Ham’s Quest for Glory –guess what game he likes a lot– conducted an interview last month with Corey Cole, famous in very small circles for being the co-creator of the Quest for Glory games, Sierra’s series of adventure-RPG hybrids that first released in 1989. If you’re a fan of the games from way back there’s a few interesting tidbits in there, like how they offended a Wiccan who thought the character of Baba Yaga was offensive to witches. So insensitive.

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Two Worlds II: Giggling About Negative Reviews

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I’ve been slow to post this week in part because I’ve been knocking out my Two Worlds 2 review, which should go live in the next couple of days, assuming Bill doesn’t see fit to reject it on the grounds that I wrote some of it hungover. Don’t judge me. If you had to let that game suck 20+ hours of your life away (I’m almost glad my console ate it) you’d turn to beer, wine, and quite possibly some crystal meth.

So, no, I didn’t much care for it. It’s not all bad, to be sure. The sum of its parts are better than the whole, but man oh man; when faced with the not so good stuff I wanted to be doing anything else in the world other than playing that game. Take the giggling, for example. About every fourth or fifth time you kill something, your protagonist giggles. It’s not a laugh. Not a manly chuckle. It’s not even a chortle. It’s a giggle that, half the time, is followed up with, “That’s rich.”

No, nameless hero guy, it’s not rich. It’s annoying and if you don’t stop I’ll write bad things about you on a blog. (Finally, a threat I can back up.) Click through for more…

Writing About Talking: Jumping the Shark Podcast #57

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This week’s installment of Jumping the Shark features a discussion about bad games we’re ashamed to admit we love. We all have them, amiright? You, in the back. Just admit you thought 25 to Life was, “like the most amazing thing ever, man.” We won’t point or laugh (even Danielle) and you’ll feel better.

We also made time, during the what we’re playings segment, to get into DC Universe Online, Stacking, Dead Space 2, and my lovely support issues with my red ringed console. Incidentally, I’m still waiting on that replacement power brick. God I hope that addresses the issue.

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Steam Wishes Civilization a Happy 20th Birthday

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I’ve done a couple posts on Civ since we launched the new blog, so it’s a bit serendipitous that Steam’s got a big “20th Anniversary of the Civilization Franchise” sale rolling this weekend. Honorary knowledge drop ahead: Civ 1 debuted in 1991 when MicroProse released it for DOS-based PCs. In the couple of years that followed, they also released versions for the Amiga, Atari ST, Mac, SNES, and Windows 3.1. Those were the good old days, yes?

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Writing About Talking: Jumping the Shark #56

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This is the first week of Jumping the Shark I’ve missed in a couple of months so, of course, they chose a topic near and dear to my heart: Romance in games. I guess with the show being released on Valentine’s Day, I can forgive such insolence. It’s harder to forgive the fact that with all the Bioware talk, Baldur’s Gate II was mentioned only in passing. Seriously, Bill, that’s all you’ve got?

If you want to talk about games that handle player “romance” in a way that doesn’t make you cringe, for my money, BG2 is the poster child. (Disclaimer: Given how long it’s been since I actually played the game, I may have the whole rose-colored glasses thing going on.) More after the jump…

Writing About Talking: Jumping the Shark #55

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One of the functions I perform amongst our merry band of sorta-renown is to “produce” the Jumping the Shark podcast, which is basically a glorified title for the guy who edits the show and makes sure the gory technical details for recording it are taken care of. There is little glamor in this, but that’s cool because I bring my own.

One of the things I want to bring to the table here at No High Scores is a regular peek behind the scenes of each show that can serve not only to note when we’ve put up our weekly exercise in genius, but occasionally dig into some aspect of what went on behind the scenes. Call it a little extra flavor for those curious as to what goes into each production.

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Giving Up On Civilization 5

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Take a quick look at Metacritic and you’d have to assume that Civilization 5 isn’t just a pretty good game – it’s a really good game. It’s got a 90 aggregate score after all, which on the MC scale is crazy good. It’s the same score as Cataclysm. Starcraft II is the only “current” game on the list that goes any higher, with a 93. So why did both Bill and I make it our most overrated game of the year over at Gameshark?

Because, in reality, it’s just not very good. More after the jump…