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Dissecting Dragon Age 2: The Combat

No High Scores

There’s been a lot of discussion about Dragon Age 2’s new combat model both here and elsewhere. There’s no question it’s significantly different than Origins and in a way I don’t like as much. Yes, it’s got the whole pausable real-time thing going on, but where Origins felt a turn-based model that happened to flow in real time, this feels more like a real time model that it just so happens you can pause. A thin distinction? Probably, but an important one I think…

Dissecting Dragon Age 2: The Story

No High Scores

As I went about playing Dragon Age 2, which I finished late last week, I’ve compiled on the order of ten pages worth of notes, thoughts, diatribes, and fan fic (erotic). (I’m lying about one of those items.) Way too much to put into a single post, but all stuff that I think worth discussing about the game, so I’ve been trying to decide on the best way to present it. After a couple days of banging my head on my desk until it suddenly got dark I settled on this Dissecting idea, in which I break up the game into some logical segments and talk in greater detail about them than what a single review or general impressions post would allow. If you all like it enough I’ll look at doing something like this for future games. The goal with this isn’t to lampoon Dragon Age (or any other game) for everything it’s not. The Intertubes are loaded with people ranting and raving over DA2. No, the goal here is to look at where various components of the game succeed and fail. Where did Bioware make interesting choices? Where did those choices fail or not live up to their potential? How could they have been done better?

For this initial post we’ll talk story. I’ve avoided straying into extreme spoiler territory here, but if you absolutely must know nothing about the game, you best skip this post. Some discussion of the story structure and narrative is inevitable. This post also overlaps some with the one I’m writing on dialog in terms of talking about characters and the sense of choice and consequence in the game. With that said, let’s roll…