One to Watch: FTL

FTL: Alpha Trailer from Justin Ma on Vimeo.

I’ve read some bits here and there on this “spaceship simulation roguelike-like” that looked interesting. And, after reading this bit at RPS and watching the trailer I’ve embedded above, I’ve decided this project officially bears watching. It’s being developed by a two-man team, Justin Ma and Matthew Davis, and looks like just the kind of thing that would appeal to anyone who’s ever watched Wrath of Khan’s Kobayashi Maru scenario and thought to themselves, “I want to do that.”  Here’s a quick description from the Game’s FAQ page (all of which is worth checking out):

The game is split into two major parts: exploration and combat. You explore by making faster-than-light jumps over vast distances in space; arriving at locations containing text-based events that have a variety of choices and outcomes.  Your crew will improve with experience, while your ship can be upgraded with advanced weaponry and equipment purchased with collected scrap metal. Fighting enemy ships involves real-time management of crew, power distribution and weapons.

Right now they’re just developing it for Windows/Linux/Mac, but I’m rather hoping they decide to get this thing on iOS. Seems like it would be perfect for that platform. If you’re super-duper interested in this game’s future there’s also a Kickstarter project going. At that same link you can find out how to get access to the demo by signing up with OnLive.

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Todd Brakke

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