Paradox Shows Off Its 2012 Lineup

No High Scores

Note: I wrote this about six hours ago and, of course, the wireless here has been non-functional all the live-long day, so I’m only getting to post it now. It figures, the one time I’m timely with something…. sigh.  
I just got out of the Paradox Convention 2012 press conference, in which we heard from CEO/”Lord Protector,” Fred Wester as well as their business development specialist and producer/”Corporate Paladain” Shams Jorjani. Now, it’s imporatnt to note these sorts of things are built with the express agenda of getting people like me to say nice things about the company. This cannot be denied. That said, it’s really easy to like this company. 
There was a lot of talk about improved sales numbers (seriously, these guys are making money hand over fist), but it’s how they’re thriving –by focusing on publishing into niches that other larger publishers tend to ignore– that makes Paradox interesting. I’ll write more about this stuff later, when I’m not running out of time before dashing out to start a day-long stint of game demos. But for now, here’s the stuff they’ll be showing off this week, which includes three newly annonced titles (no, really, they were just announced for the first time in the last 30 minutes; for once, I’m timely):
The new three…

Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin – If the announcment of a new Magicka game surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention to the crazy good sales of the core game (over 1M units), the Vietnam game (500k units), and various DLC content (4M total units). Other Side of the Coin focuses on playing as Alucard the Vampire and his Necromancers, the bad guys from the original games (I think?). So, in this one, you’ll be fighting against humans, dwarves, and elves. Could be fun. (Again, I haven’t had any hands-on time yet. More later.)
A Game of Dwarves – This is Dwarf Fortress with a UI and graphics than your mother could love. At least, that’s what the video I watched looks like. Lots of humor, lots of charm. The tagline for it is: Explore, Build, and Command. This is not being shown, but I’m told I’ll get to talk to the devs tomorrow. (Will be a PC, Mac, and PSN release.) 
Napoleon’s Campaigns II – Not a lot was said about this, but it’s targeted for Q4. Here you’ll be, of course, replaying the Napoleonic Wars of 1805-1815. PR sheet notes unit production, diplomacy with minor and major nations, and army and fleet management. 600 historical leaders are included and the “largest Napoleonic Europe map ever.” 
After these there’s the stuff we already know about: Crusader Kings 2, War of the Roses, Salem, Naval War, Warlock, Gettysburg: Armored Warfare. Most of these I’ll be getting a slightly longer look at this afternoon. 
More as soon as I can. Time to dash off to a demo. 
(Please excuse and typos and the lack of screen art. I’m writing from my iPad and am not going to mess around with trying to figure out how to get a screen on the server. Maybe Bill or Brandon will help me out; hint, hint, guys.) 
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