Skyrim Creation Kit Incoming

No High Scores

Bethesda recently revealed their intent to release the Skryim Creation Kit (tools used to build just about everything in the game) to a legion of salivating modders in January. This news makes me wonder if I shouldn’t be shelving the game for a few months while the mod community makes right the many things Bethesda should have been able to do correctly in the first place. Not that I’m still bitter about the UI or the follower AI or anything. The most interesting part of this, however, is the Steam Workshop integration. Up to this point I haven’t been familiar with this particular Steam feature, but according to the source story it’ll allow players to flag and automatically download and integrate all mods associated with the service. That’s cool in and of itself because managing mods for these games can be a full time job in and of itself, but it’s also equally impressive this service still lets you get your mods from current Skyrim mod websites rather than steal all their traffic. Not too shabby, assuming it all works!

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Todd Brakke

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