Mass Effect 3: 3 Guys, a Girl, and a Galaxy at War*

No High Scores

Yesterday brought confirmation that Mass Effect 3 has multiplayer. I think it’s safe to say I see eye-to-eye with the grumpy sods good folks among you who commented on that post. Last night, Christ Priestly (Bioware Community Coordinator) took to the Bioware forums to fill in some of the blanks in the multiplayer picture. (Any takers on how many press people are annoyed Bioware put this content out there while they wait for press embargos to expire?) Ultimately, there’s two reveals so far:

4-Player Co-op: Create a new character (choose you class and race) to form a “Special Forces squad” to take on special multiplayer missions. These missions impact the single-player campaign, although Bioware insists in multiple spots in this post that these missions are not necessary to get the best possible ending in Mass Effect 3. What they’re not saying is whether or not it will be significantly harder to get the best possible ending (they’re calling it “ultimate victory”) without doing these missions. For the record, I am glad they’ve one in the direction of separate co-op missions rather than another generic Call of Duty-style model.

Galaxy at War: I’m not entirely clear on what this is, but there’s potential for it to be a nifty feature. Basically, there’s a Galactic Readiness level that is a reflection of how well Shepherd is able to collect assets: “People, weapons, resources, armies, fleets.” Now, to me, that sounds like it should be a whole game feature and not something specifically tied to multiplayer or other outside stuff, but the wording strongly infers this is for projects external to the main game: “…a new way for players to manage and experience the galactic war from multiple fronts, including a new 4-player co-op mode.” (Emphasis mine, of course.) Later the post says, “Other platforms will be announced in the coming months.” I suspect the single player has these same criteria, but it’s just the outside stuff getting the marketing bullet. Doesn’t take being a genius (clearly, if I can make the leap) to think this is just a way to get people participating in ME-related side projects. What’s that, you didn’t play Dragon Age Facebook Edition? Well maybe you will if doing so makes it easier to set up the main game’s finale! Watcha gonna do? The Galaxy is in your hands, Dude! (It’s criminal there’s no embed code for the linked clip. Such a bummer.)

*Points for you if you remember the 90s sitcom the post title references

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