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With PAX in the rearview, it looks like the slow trickle of Dragon Age 3 tidbits has officially begun. This post up at Neogaf describes some of the details the franchise’s Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, revealed at PAX and this write up at Joystiq extends on that a bit. Here’s the gist:

– Companion armor: They’re really trying to thread the needle here between DA1 and DA2 mechanics. The game should (Laidlaw makes no promises) let you equip characters as you see fit (yay!), but what you dress them with will not affect their appearance. (You will have some control over appearance, but what you put in for armor in the inventory slot won’t affect it.) I think this is a very fair compromise. It adds back in some gameplay choices and preserves Bioware’s ability to provide more detailed NPCs models (without doing an implausible amount of work).

– More emphasis on tactical battles and preparation. Please, please, please follow through here.

– Bigger map than DA1. This matters less to me. I’m not worried about epic scope versus smaller scope. Either can work. It just depends on the execution and the needs of the story.

– No surprise based on the ending of DA2, but the world at war will be the overriding theme in DA3. Your job will be, “saving the world from itself.”

– You will not reprise your Warden Commander role (good; I’m happy with my part in his story being complete). Not clear if you’ll be the Champion of Kirkwall again or a new character. Sounds like the latter, which I’m fine with. Putting you into new shoes with each game lets the world continue w/o having to address character progression game over game.

– No decision on character creation yet (set background versus choosing from a variety of backgrounds). My heart wants the latter, but if the story suits the former better that’s okay.

– They want to “try” to resolve the Morrigan having a god baby issue. Look, I was fine with that not coming in DA2, but you have to deal with that. It was a crucial moment in DA1 with huge implications for the future. You can’t just pretend you never offered it. (And I’m fine with just retconning the history to say Morrigan found a way and if the Greywarden died it was just the result of injuries and not the whole Old God soul release.)

– Choices and their consequences will be a “major focal point” going forward (there was an acknowledgment this was a weak point of DA2). Again, definitely want to see follow-through here.

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