Chris Roberts Wants to Make Another Wing Commander

No High Scores

With no disrespect intended to Mark Hamill, Biff (Tom Wilson), Jon Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell and the rest, the above is how I prefer to remember my Wing Commander – animated. I still remember the charge I’d get every time I watched the pre-flight cinematic where you’re racing down the hall and getting prepped in the cockpit of whichever fighter you were taking out for a pleasure cruise. (Man, was the Scimitar a flying hunk of garbage or what!) Evidently series creator Chris Roberts still remembers too. During an interview with G4 he expressed his desire to make another Wing Commander game.

“I definitely want to do another Wing Commander, and I have a very specific vision for it,” Roberts said. “I’m looking at the games being made now and I go ‘Yeah, they’re really cool, and there’s some really great stuff,’ but I think I could come back and push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling again. I’m looking at some of the stuff that’s been done and it’s sort of, in my eyes anyway, falling short, and it’s not because of the technology. It’s falling short because of how it’s been done.”

“I made Wing Commander because it was the game I wanted to play,” Roberts told me. “I didn’t make Wing Commander because I said ‘Oh, this is something that’s going to sell a lot of units,’ or ‘there’s a gap in the marketplace,’ it was just ‘I want this experience.’ The time where I could feel like I’m ready to engage in something is always when I have a personal feeling that ‘Okay, I want to go and make a game that gives me this experience.’ I feel re-energized, and I think I can come back…and push forward parts of the industry in terms of narrative and cinematic storytelling.”

There’s much, much more in the full interview that’s worth reading. Personally, I say go get ’em, Chris, but then I don’t have to worry about silly things like the fact that he’s not an employee of EA and they hold the rights to the property. Details. I’m sure he’ll work it out later.

Oh, and after the break the best collection of Tom Wilson Biff clips ever; just because I care.

Seen at Ultima Aiera.

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