Dragon Age 2: Importing Origins Savegames

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Yes, I know I keep re-using this shot. I’ll get some more screen grabs soon. For now, you’re stuck with Flemeth the Dominatrix.

On the off chance you didn’t already know this, although Dragon Age 2 does not continue the story of The Greywarden, Origins’ protagonist, it does let you import the state of the world you left behind from the first game. I’ve just gone through the process and thought some of you would like to know exactly what choices you made in that game are imported. I don’t necessarily know all the variations on these choices, as the list I got only shows what I specifically did, but you ought to be able to extrapolate from the following list, which does include heavy Dragon Age: Origins spoilers…

Italics refer to direct quotes from the in-game list:

Connor was freed from the demon. This refers to the little boy in Redcliffe possessed by a demon. You could also have killed the boy to save the mother’s life or gotten a mage to help you save both.

Mages were recruited to the army.

Dalish Elves were recruited into the army.

Harrowmont rules Orzammar. There was some other dwarf dude you could have crowned. I forget who was who.

The Anvil of the Void was destroyed. This was the golemn-making device; you could have elected to preserve the forge. Of course, that would make your character a dick.

Loghain was killed. Sure, you could have spared him, but then Alistair pouts.

Anora is queen of Ferelden. You could have crowned Alistair or yourself. Possibly some other options?

The Warden performed the dark ritual with Morrigan. I was already sleeping with her, so what’s the big deal, amiright? You could also have had Alistair do it, or rejected Morrigan outright.

The Warden killed the Archdemon. I have the power! You could have had Alistair do this (or he could step in, if it’s to save your life; not a total douche, that guy).

Amaranthine was saved from the darkspawn assault. This is from the Awakenings expansion and refers to a big outpost thingie that your decisions could have lead to ruin. I saved the day because, well, I am just that good. (You heard it here first.)

The Architech is alive. More Awakening content. Dude wasn’t all bad, but you could elect to kill him.

Warden’s Keep was reclaimed. I’m assuming this refers to the Warden’s Keep DLC (and having completed it), but I’m not entirely sure.

Shale was discovered. Shale is an NPC from the Stone Prisoner. You know, the “DLC” (it’s totally core content to the game) that you got for free so long as you didn’t buy used. Who knew we’d so soon be referring to this as the good old days. F$$$ing EA/Bioware and their pre-order DLC extortion tax. Sigh.

King Cailan’s corpse was burned. This comes from the Return to Ostagar DLC. I assume the options are to burn his corpse or ignore it.

That’s the list. It’s possible there are options from some of the DLC I did not purchase (the Leiliana one, for example), but probably not. (I did play Witch Hunt and imported that save, but no items from that carried over.) I’m good with this list as it does reflect the big decisions I made throughout the game. I have to admit I’m curious if they’re all reflected in some way in this game and how that might be. Most likely, it’s just quick hints in dialog rather than anything substantive, and I’m good with that.

Update: I should also have noted there are three “pre-built” histories from which you can choose. They are as follows:

Hero of Ferelden: A young man from a noble family rose to become a Grey Warden, then ended the Fifth Blight by killing the Archdemon himself–and surviving. He always strove for the greater good, and placed his friend Alistair on the throne of Ferelden.

The Martyr: Ferelden will forever remember the young Dalish elf who died to kill the fifth Archdemon. Even though she had reason to be cynical, her actions always benefited others. She left a kingdom ruled jointly by Alistair and Anora.

No Compromise: A ruthless dwarven noble took command of Ferelden’s Grey Wardens, then let nothing stand between him and victory. He exiled Alistair, sent Loghain to his death against the Archdemon, and left Anora as Ferelden’s ruler.

Not much love for dwarves in the Bioware offices, I’m guessing.

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